We’ve seen blackwork tattoos stand out for years now and they’re gaining even more popularity each day.

What are blackwork tattoos? Well.. it’s a style of tattoos that only uses black ink and usually it’s an abstract design. It can be minimalist, tribal, ornamental, small, big, a bodysuit.. anything really.

Another one from the archives…straight outta the Canon

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Old one from the archives in color…#portal#geometric #tattoosbyroxx#nofilter

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Blackwork tattoos are usually bold (- see blackout tattoos), but that’s not a “rule”. This style of tattoos focuses entirely on the design – using nothing but black ink, it’s the design that will stand out pushing linework and dotwork to it’s extreme, creating complex geometrical and symmetrical patterns on the body made entirely out of lines and shapes.

This style is also great for cover-ups – if you’re into it, it makes the perfect choice for a cover-up tattoo as you can play with the design and add a bold, fully black area where you want it without messing up the beauty of the whole design.

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Tattoo i made today at @sbldnttt

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What do you think about blackwork tattoos? Who are your favorite blackwork artists?